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OTM's Organization Design Solutions Webinar

Our organization design solution resolves business needs by using the power and genius of your people through a collaborative and sustainable approach

Have you ever seen teams of consultants swarm a business like ants on a picnic basket? Instead of spending big bucks on large consultancies who only get you so far, use a solution based on science that brings out the best in your team. OTM’s expertise lies in organization design. It has been our bread and butter for over 30 years. 

Our solution has evolved with the changing business landscape, and we are continually updating our materials to provide the best how-to guides, activity templates, job aids, and accessibility. No other consultancy has their process documented in a way for people to pragmatically use.  So why do you need a new toolbox? Your people are your biggest asset and learning to utilize that asset properly will set you apart in today’s competitive landscape.  Tune in as we cover the ins and outs of the leading organization design solution on the market. 

October 27th 9 AM PST / 5 PM BST 

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What's Covered?

The following topics will be discussed:
1. OTM’s organization design methodology 
2. Approaches for assessing and evaluating operating models 
3. OTM’s organization design philosophy 
4. What makes OTM’s solution stick 
5. Various ways the OTM solution can be utilized  
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