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Understanding Change

The Great Ambiguities of Change: Gaining Clarity on Change Within Modern Organizations

Anytime we experience change our minds naturally go through a process of re-orientation. During this re-orientation, questions arise as we attempt to make sense of the unfamiliar environment that we are subject to. What we once were accustomed to has now shifted. Whether it be the protocols that were set in place at work, or the ways that the work gets done, it’s normal to experience uncertainty in the face of change.  

So what happens when you combine unpopular changes with people who aren’t committed to change? Here’s a hint: abandoned protocols and/or missed opportunities. Unless you develop and implement changes using an active, pragmatic, and integrative approach- you will miss the mark. 

Join us as we take a deeper dive into the complexities of change, why it can be difficult to get everyone on board, and how to “do it right” during our webinar on Understanding Change this November. 

November 10th 9 AM PST / 4 PM GMT

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What's Covered?

The following topics will be discussed:
1. Brief overview of change within organizations 
2. Understanding why flexibility is crucial to remain sustainable
3. Where to identify key indicators for areas of improvement 
4. How to implement changes in a way that generates support for the initiative 
5. Sample cases and wisdoms from seasoned experts 



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